Cow and Chicken is an American animated comedy television series created by David Feiss for Cartoon Network, and the third of the network's Cartoon Cartoons. It follows the surreal adventures of two funny animal siblings, Cow and Chicken. They are often antagonized by the Red Guy, a cartoon Devil who poses as various characters to scam them.

Show Description

A scrawny, 11-year-old chicken named Chicken reluctantly watches out for his beefy "little" sister, a 7-year-old cow named Cow. The unconventional offspring of two human parents, the two young animals navigate their way through suburbia, encountering problems not only at school, but with the devilish schemes of the Red Guy, a crimson-colored antagonist of many guises whose singular intent is to make the siblings' lives miserable. If the character design and offbeat humor of "Cow and Chicken" cause viewers to recall "The Ren & Stimpy Show" and "The Shnookums & Meat Funny Cartoon Show there's a good reason: creator David Feiss worked on that irreverent animated series as well.

Episode List

Season 1

Premiere Date Ep No. Name
1 Field Trip to Folsom Prison / The Girl's Bathroom / This Bridge, Not Weasel Bridge
2 Supermodel Cow / Part Time Job / I.R. on Sun
3 Alive! / Who Is Supercow? / Deep Sea Tour
4 Confused / The Molting Fairy / I.R. Gentlemen
5 The Ugliest Weenie / I.R. Big Star / The Ugliest Weenie Epilogy
6 Crash Dive! / Happy Meat / Power of Oder
October 1, 2007 7 School Bully / Time Machine / Ping Pong at Sea
May 1, 2007 8 Orthodontic Police / The Cow with Four Eyes! / Disease Fiesta
9 Cow's Instincts... Don't It? / Ballerina Cow / I.R. Plant Life
10 Chicken's First Kiss / Squirt the Daisies / I Am Ambassador
11 Lawnmower Chicken / Cow Loves Piles / Law of Gravity
12 Space Cow / The Legend of Sailcat / Happy Baboon Hoildays
13 Headhunting in Oregon / The King and Queen of Cheese / I. Architect

Season 2

Premiere Date Ep No. Name
14 Fluffy the Anaconda / The Laughing Puddle / I.R. Mommy
15 Pirate Lessons (Capt. Butz Pirate) / Halloween with Dead Ghost, Coast to Coast / I.M. Deity
16 Tongue Sandwich / Dream Date Chicken / I Am Crybaby
17 Sumo Cow / Comet! / I.R.'s Phantom Foot
18 Dirty Laundry / Grizzly Beaver Safari / Queen of DeNile
19 Boneless Kite / Which Came First? / I.R. Music Man
20 Buffalo Gals / Cow and Chicken Reclining / I Am Lifetime
21 Free Inside! / Journey to the Center of Cow / I.R. Pixie Faries
22 The Karate Chick / Yard Sale / I.R. Ice Fisherman
23 Meet Lance Sackless / Who's Afraid of the Dark? / I.R. Role Man
24 The Bad News Plastic Surgeons / The Exchange Student / I.R. in Wrong Cartoon
25 Child Star / Perpetual Energy / My Friend, the Smart Banana
26 Bad Chicken / Stay Awake / I.R. Wild Baboon
27 Can Cow Come Out and Play? / Horn Envy / Time Weasel
28 Goin' My Way? / The Babysitter / The Hole
29 Cow Fly / Where Am I? / I Stand Corrected
30 Sergeant Weenie Arms / Sow and Chicken / I Am Brush Pilot
31 Me an' My Dog / Cow's Dream Catcher / Dessert Island
32 Grandma at the Mall / Chicken in the Bathroom / Unsinkable I.R.
33 Chickens Don't Fly / P.E. / I Am Vampire
34 Playin' Hookie / Chicken Lips / Honey, I Are Home
35 The Day I Was Born / Factory Follies / Driver's Speed
36 101 Uses for Cow and Chicken / Intelligent Life? / A Tree Story
37 Be Careful What You Wish For / Lost at Sea / I.R. Do
38 Night of the Ed! / Cow's Pie / I Are Good Dog
39 Invisible Cow / Monster in the Closet / He Said, He Said

Season 3

Premiere Date Ep No. Name
40 Chachi, the Chewing Gum Seal / Black Sheep of the Family / Enemey Camp
41 The Big Move / Cow's Magic Blanket / I Are Ghost
42 Cow's Toys / I Scream, Man / I Am Gladiator
43 Cloud Nine / Send in the Clowns / Revolution Weasel
44 Major Wedgie / The Loneliest Cow / Dream Weasel
45 Professor Longhorn Steer / A Couple of Skating Fools / He Said, He Said
46 The Full Mounty / Mall Cop / I Am Cilched
47 Snail Boy / The Penalty Wheel / The Magnificent Motorbikini
48 Chicken's Fairy Tale / Magic Chicken / I Am Whale Captain
49 Cow's Horse / Red Butler / The Baboon's Paw
50 Cow's a Beauty / Piano Lessons / The Sackless Games
51 Duck, Duck, Chicken! / The Great Pantzini / Who Rubber Out Cow and Chicken
52 The Cow and Chicken Blues / The Ballad of Cow and Chicken / I.R. Good Salesman
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